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Discover More About Your Website Visitors

Where they CLICK, and where they don't.

Stop guessing about where you think your users are clicking on your pages. Know exactly.

The PATHS they take through your site.

You might be surprised how users move through your site. Discover these untapped opportunities.

The FORM FIELDS they don't like.

Knowing how many and which fields to include can mean the difference between success and failure.

Why they BUY certain products.

Confused about why your product pages aren't selling? Get clarity and make changes that work.

The web pages they ABANDON.

Discover which pages are frustrating your users and causing them to leave.

How they ENGAGE with your website.

Watch how individual users interact with your pages, how far down they scroll, links they click and ignore.

All-In-One Conversion Optimization


Learn why more people aren’t buying, and why they abandon their shopping carts.


Find out why prospects aren’t completing lead forms or go through the funnels you want.

Customer Support

Locate high-friction trouble spots in your support software and customer onboarding process.

Video Session Replay

Watch exactly how every user moves through your website. Speed up or slow down the replay as needed. Discover how they use or don’t use your navigation bar, how far they scroll down the page, how they interact with images and links, and much more.

Heat Maps

See patterns of web page use with visual heat maps. Identify hot and cold usage patterns with navigation, scrolling, link clicking and more. Remove dead-end experiences by redesigning those sections.

Page Funnels

Quickly create page funnels for ecommerce product purchase, lead sign-up and customer support tickets. Find out why your desired user paths are working or failing. See exactly where people drop out of your funnels.

Form Field Insights

See which form fields frustrate users and prevent them from completing your forms. Learn which fields you might want to remove altogether or change field type.

Data Analytics

Analyze data metrics like pages per session, users over time, first-time visitors, average user session duration, bounce rate and lead source right inside your dashboard.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it can. Think of GoGoUser like an X-ray or MRI of your website. It helps you diagnose what is REALLY going on with your visitors and how they experience your site.
Yes, you simply copy and paste a bit of code to your website.
Yes, GoGoUser easily records dynamic pages that have AJAX and HTML changes. No additional code installation is needed.
Yes, GoGoUser is free for sites with up to 1,000 user sessions per month. The free version includes all features of all paid plans.
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